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 Shaking earth

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PostSubject: Shaking earth   Thu Mar 13, 2008 2:00 pm

Fai stood in the center of the thunder plains, his gaze focused on the sky as it shook and rumbled. His eyes transformed into a pitch black as he watched, his injured wings spreading behind him. A distant wind blew way, shifting his hair into his face as yet another round of thunder shook the earth. Fai stood where he was, enjoying the moment in which the very core of the earth seemed to shake. His long black wings folded then flapped several times, a repeating pattern like that of the thunder. 'Rain can't be far off.' he thought, the sounds in the air echoing in his sharp ears. He sniffed the air lightly though his sense of smell wasnt the best, a faint moister was present in the air. His dark eyes searched the even darked clouds expectantly as if at any moment they would pour forth their wet burden
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Shaking earth
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