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 Misty Anne

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PostSubject: Misty Anne   Sat Mar 01, 2008 12:57 pm

Misty Anne

Name: Misty Anne
Nicknames: Missy, Mist, Mistical
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 8th
Bloodtype: B+
Height: 4ft
Weight: 80lbs
Village: Mist Village
Rank: Run Away
Special Ability: Witchcraft, magic, spells
Jutsus: (-none-)
Weapons: Wand
Bio/Timeline of there life: Misty was beaten and torcherd by her family, and others who were her so-called friends. everyday she was teased, pushed around and beaten by kids at school. the teachers didn't really like and did nothing to help her, once when she got home her father beat her to death that she almost died. lucky Zeth was there to save her, he healed her but only to keep her alive. he father found out and her father and mother sealed her into a crystal when she was 6, she had been in the crystal for 10 years. since she had been set free at the age 16, her family members are out looking for her so they can take her back to the mist village.
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Misty Anne
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