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 Nikotsu's family

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kitsume hinasu
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PostSubject: Nikotsu's family   Thu Feb 21, 2008 9:51 am





kiyo{oldest brother-dead}:

when they where younger:
(they changed there appearance since then)

parents: dead

bio: When Kiyo was born, mimi{mom} and kanji{dad} where so happy, but thought that he was their one and only as wasn't planning on another baby, but sure enough, mimi gave birth to another young boy.

Thinking Kiyo wasn't good enough to carry on the clan's name, they tied a rope to his neck and hung him from a tree.

about four years later, mimi gave birth to another baby, a little girl named Nikotsu.
they where iffy about her but decided to keep her, for she was not worth killing and she could probably become a good leader one day.

about 8 years later, mimi gave birth again, this time to twins.
at that time, she had enough.
her and kanji packed their stuff and left the four children alone in the empty house, only their older brother Tanjiro to look after them.

one day, an old family found the children a took them in, and as soon as tanjiro turned 18, he took his brothers and sisters, made a built a house and raised them all by himself.
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Nikotsu's family
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